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medicine wheel
medicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheelmedicine wheel

medicine wheel

.....Welcome to this place
.....A forest glade where you may spend some quiet time
.....with Donato in his poetry space....

.....Classic Poetry by Donato.............. following the Medicine Wheel....

Everything I write in some way seeks the wholeness and completeness
described by the North American native Medicine Wheel traditions,
where everything depends on everything else, earth, air, water, life,
and all the Universe, and no one and nothing is unemployed...

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From, I Would Be the Buffalo’s Guest, 1992 p. 6 ff
Allurement... Granite... Snare ... Buffalo’s Guest ...
From, A Man is a Sacred Journey, A Woman is a Sacred Fire, 1995 p. 10 ff
At The Play... These Stones ... All the World's a Stage .... Someone Special ...
From, the Goldstone Diaries, 1997 p. 14 ff
My Journey ... Man Alone .... Rock Climbing by Night ... Doing Together ... For Her .... Quiet ... The Eagle ... The Dragon Comet ...
From, Being in a Man’s Skin, vol. 1, 2, 1998 p. 22 ff

Aldo .... The Poet’s Life ... Purpose ... Singing ... Passion ... Handfuls For My Lady ... My Plight ... Men of the Hollow ...
Others will follow in this space : From , Me, Made Like Coyote, 1998 p. 31 ff
From, Climbing That Mountain, 1999 p. 40 ff
From, The Wedding Line and other books p. 49 ff

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Essays & Explorations:
Essays on how our abandoning of the Red Road, the Native Medicine Wheel Path of wholeness and respect for all life, has led us to addictive habits of Eating and Consumption, how Earthbound Living in transition, following the principles of the Medicine Wheel, is the stuff we need to think about, act on,
as the climate warms and we run out of petroleum and all other resources, minerals, air, clean water....
on habitsmedicine wheel
Our worst habits are in
unhealthy Eating
& excessive Consumption

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the Medicine Wheel Path of wholeness,
of respect for all living and non-living
The only way past
our global consumption crisis
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The White Way-
for Being In Transition


What could be more important nowadays
than an Exploration of the Medicine Wheel Teachings on Human Relationships
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  • POEM for this week

    medicine wheel

    Handfuls For My Lady

    If I could bring handfuls
    I would
    And spread them out in front of you
    My Lady
    Just for your honour
    For your pleasure
    To let, to give you
    To let you see
    How you this lovely place
    Knows to be
    The strewn fresh liveliness
    Yellow yellow daffodils
    And blazing tulips
    Roses lips hungering
    For your delicious kiss
    I, embodied, lingering
    Just for this.

    medicine wheel

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    "The landscape we grew up on teaches us
    how to be ourselves"

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