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Earthbound Living

Message from the Follower


Soul is not in the head
It’s in the feet, the sole
Our language knows that
Walking barefoot
Connected to Mother Earth
You are ensouled
Living in high rises
Never going barefoot on earth
Leads to our desolation

Nothing more erotic than going barefoot
Try it!!


Thinking about the jumble of half surfaced emotions and half done projects and other stuff in my life, I was pondering my need for stillness.


Still mind
In presence of beauty

Notice how beauty and mind
Are just words

X in presence of Y

That in presence of That

Is what I seek
Miss it
Not seeing

What I resist persists
Accept it
Dis-solve it
The yama yama
Is not who I am

Who Am I

The Great Question of the Upanishads and all mystics since

When I ask Who am I
I may also ask
Who is it that asks
Who am I

Is a part of the All
Able to answer other
Than to say
The follower is one who
And therefore
Does not lose his place
On the Way

Nor his part
In the Play

May 10 08

How to Live

Live simply
Consume little
Give much
Cultivate presence
Be present to things
Know the signs on your path
Follow them
Be aware of your messages
Follow them
‘Store more energy
Than you release
The first world having doing
The second world seeking
The third world being
The fourth world the Source
Where mathematics resides
From whence come the messages
All creativity
The Spirit world

May 10 08

How to Align with the Soul of the Earth

The beginning, a new soul born with needs of food, love, physical care

Growing into competence to provide those needs for self, relying on the planet and the community for resources, as well as their own skills transmitted by their culture, augmented by the creativity humans express so swiftly.

Out of touch with earth, we get sick. Our sickness inside spreads to the world outside, all the more violently and thoroughly because it is carried on the powers given by our sciences. Our invention of democracy enabled huge numbers to work together, focus their efforts in moderately peaceful agreement, inventing weapons of war that surpass anything available formerly, with which to subdue other races, make them our resource bearing slaves, extend our empire to the whole globe.

Now we are rushing headlong into doom of our species, a new age of war, pestilence, famine, and death. Ragtag groups of people led by warlords, spreading misery through predatory behaviour on others, the remnants of civilisations that have destroyed their habitat and collapsed. These predators get their food and weapons from thievery, or from enlisting in the mercenary armies of other more powerful prosperous groups and warlords who feast on the addictions of the democratic states to their lifestyle of eating addictions and addictions to fast travel and huge housing complexes, and their addiction to living in the toxic stews of large cities.

Meanwhile the world outside our skins continues to deteriorate, our habitat increasingly fouled, air, water, land, becoming inhospitable to us.
Instead of abundance being produced by our sciences and democracies, we have produced increasing scarcity, and endless wars fought over remaining scraps

It is the wealthy of the world’s humans who are creating this chaos. Their science has produced an otherwise insupportable excess of humans, most of whom are poor. It is the arms of the rich that support the wars, it is the poor who fight them and die in them. The most basic necessity of humans, food, and land on which to grow it, is co-opted in the service ot the epicene and unhealthy addictive food habits of the rich. Their vast and increasing reliance on the addictive foods made of meat animals, and dairy products, is destroying the rain forests and oceans, causing up to to 1/2 of climate change disasters, diverting food grains for poor people to food grains for cattle, the food of the rich.

1500 lb. of soybeans can be grown with the resources it takes to grow only 1 lb. of beef It takes 40 000 lb of water to grow one lb. of beef, only 250 lb of water to grow 1 lb of wheat.

Humans can live well on a diet of plant foods only. The diseases of the rich would disappear, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, cancer. Medical care costs would drop drastically, all could afford good educations, and good medical care. The competition for scarce money between the old needing medical care and the young needing education, would disappear.

Let us imagine a world and so create a world where children are taught from an early age to treat food as a sacrament, ingesting the products of the soul of the world, so as to manifest ourselves as creative beings, products of the soul of the world, giving back what we have been given.

Teaching children to grow and prepare their own food, and to eat soulfully, we teach them to connect to the earth. Connected to the earth, they stay healthy, to old ages we seldom see now, but which would become normal.

The communal spirit of growing and preparing food and of eating soulfully together, brings people into the right relationship with each other. It forms the basis for peace and resolution fo conflict and inordinate desire. It is the new sacrament.

To eat soulfully is the first and most important ritual of beginning and renewal that brings us into right relationship with others of our kind, with all living and nonliving beings of the universe.

After emerging from the Sweat Lodge of the Red Road, having re-experienced .our birth journey from the Spirit World, we feast. Our feast reminds us we are now here, in this world and must eat in order to stay. If we then feast soulfully, we keep ourselves in the right relationship with the Spirit World, and we will have no fear of returning there, when our time comes.

The injunction we have been given is this:

To teach the children everywhere to grow and prepare plant foods. To teach them to care for wool bearing animals, and draft and riding animals, and to let all others run free. To teach them the sciences of natural water and air purification, of natural, and to the extent possible, non-invasive medicine. To let them play games, teach them the delights of literature, dance, music, drama, poetry, sculpture, pottery, all the arts now known and any they wish to create.

To teach them the processes of right ritual, right worship, right eating, right conflict resolution, right relationship, right work.

Donato Sept. 3 2006

classic poetry

classic poetry

I say I am following the truly Canadian Way, to be exploring the Red World, on a White Background.

I would be delighted to hear from you.

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classic poetry
classic poetry
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