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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Perfect Health on a Healthy Planet

Clean up under your skin, and you automatically clean up outside it.

Choosing your food according to the latest science is all it takes.....

All over the world, there are certain epidemic diseases of affluence, spreading with no end in sight. Are you likely to suffer from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, auto immune diseases like Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis?

Look around, what you see will tell you the answer.

Scenario One:

If you see orchards, fields of root vegetables and greens, food grains grown for people, walking paths, bicycle paths, dirt roads, you are probably virtually immune to all the above diseases of our time.

Scenario Two:

If you see paved city streets, or fields with grazing meat or dairy animals, or shiny metal barns warehousing thousands of chickens or hogs in dreadful close confinement, or anything that is a factory farm, even a fish farm, you are likely on track to connect with one or more of the diseases of affluence we have come to fear.

Is the air polluted and getting worse? Is the water being degraded the same way, or even disappearing altogether?Is the land subject ot deadly poisons that last for perhaps thousands of years, such as escaped nuclear waste products, or the DnA from genetically modified crops or bacteria gone wild? All these belong to Scenario Two, NONE belong to scenario One.

You can choose which Scenario you want to support.

You can choose a plant based diet of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, eating nothing that ever had a face, enjoy eating and live longer in your own Scenario One. Or, you can keep up your North American Lifestyle food habits, live scared and die early along with the rest of the crowd in Scenario Two.

For the science of this read:

The China Study, By T. Colin Campbell, PhD

or The Food Revoluton, by John Robbins

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