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An Exploration of the Medicine Wheel Teachings on Human Relationships

The four Great Ways of Being
on your Path to the Centre
Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
and all that these four Directions hold......
Native wisdom integrated with modern knowledge about human relationships.

A powerful Teaching for all those who want to grow in understanding of themselves
and others.

This is a distillation of beautiful simple practical wisdom from the heritage of North American Native cultures.
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It's all about HABITS, useful and not..All we can do is be aware of them and learn to manage them. All living creatures have habits.
“I see the animals all have habits”, an elder once said to me, “and it is by their habits that I catch them.”

The lessons and principles of the Red Road of North American Native Spirituality are the most fundamental, organic, simple and non-controversial
rules for right living to be found in any of the human world's great religions.
They conflict with no philosophies, nor any way of life, including that of all other life on this Planet.
They hold every living and non-living point of view to be sacred, worthy of support and respect.
The Medicine Wheel Book is a primary document of Red Road principles. It is "Good Medicine" indeed for these times of conflict, uncertainty and stress among all life populations on our Planet,

What could be more important nowadays, as we approach a time of dire global conflict and scarcity, than learning to better understand ourselves and others, and learning how to manage our relationships to get more satisfaction, and less stress in our lives?
  • I have a dream that every Powwow and Aboriginal led circle,
    will include these lessons we so greatly need to hear,
    as well as the drumming, singing, dancing and pageantry of the Red Road....

  • For those who would live, play, work, full out, at their best...

    51 pages, hand drawn illustrations, seventh printing 2009

  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Stories illustrating the Teachings
  • Discovering your place in the 4 directions, relating to others
  • Diagrams and exercises for Teachers of classes

    What is the message of Walking the Medicine Wheel Path in Daylight ?

    You like messages to come to you in a certain way.
    Messages that appeal to you, might not appeal to others.

    If I knew you,
    I could express this message so we would have the best chance of starting a conversation
    on whether perhaps there was something here useful to you.
    This book is about being in the world, giving and getting messages, managing your habits, so as to get the most you can out of life.

    We have sold over 5000 of these little books, and everyone who’s spoken to me about it, says it was just great,
    that it really helped them in their lives with family, with work colleagues, with friends and new acquaintances.

    We have taught these ideas and principles to other 1000’s of people all over North America.

    The Medicine Wheel Teachings on relationships,

    Human to human, human to all other life.

    Everything you always dimly understood, but couldn't put into words and actions,
    about how to live wisely in companionship with all other life.

    Understand your habits,

    Understand those of others.

    Understand how to shape your approach and response to get lifelong satisfaction from your relationships.

    Understand how to take charge and manage your goals, your enthusiasms, your conflicts and stresses.

    Understand, by using the relationship tools you are given, to enjoy how Planet Earth is your companion
    and your unfailing support on your life journey.

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    medicine wheel

    I say I am following the truly Canadian Way, to be exploring the Red World, on a White Background.

    I would be delighted to hear from you.