classic poetry
classic poetry
classic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetryclassic poetry

classic poetry

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    classic poetry

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    classic poetry
    I am Poet

    I am such
    Whose daily passion Is
    To take in store
    Care for words
    I honour words
    Their sounds their shapes
    I arrange and rearrange them
    According to no fashion
    But my own
    I think each word unique
    As a story teller alive
    With all the possibilities of its years
    Of histories I would enthrone
    I say a poem is a nest
    Where darting birds of thought
    May rest
    These poems may become
    Your friends to whom you speak
    At will
    Who ll whisper their replies
    To you alone and then be still

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    classic poetry

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    classic poetry
    classic poetry
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